Written by a Moody Pen: Chapter 8


Written by a Moody Pen

(& Often a Sarcastic Muse)



Chapter 8



Dreams Encaged


Staring out into the silent night,

I blow a kiss to a star, then take flight.

My wings are black as an ebony bark

And I’m cloaked in cloth just as dark.


I soar over your heads, and under the moon

While the world sleeps within its dark cocoon.


Brushing the wind, I hum a song,

As soft as a flower but extremely strong.

On the wind, my wordless melody rides,

Spreading its essence, no louder than sighs.

It uses your dreams to flow into your soul,

Instilling hope, making you whole.


And as the sun steps over, shooing the night,

I too must go, as I change in the light.

So folding my wings, I set with the moon;

I faint without knowing and float to my room.


When the light of the sun falls on my face,

I wake with a start, ready to race.

I have entirely no memory of what I had done.

I only know of the schedule that I need to run.


The song I had sung, the flight I had flown

Is as real as dandelions carelessly blown.


I so exist without living, day after day.

I tune out my soul, keeping my dreams at bay.

Surviving each day, though I don’t know why;

Not knowing my true self, I exist till I die.


I don’t know what I am, or what I can do . . .

I only know that I’m here . . . existing like you.

And in much the same way, you don’t know what you can be . . .

You only know that you’re here, existing like me . . .


Written by a Moody Pen: Chapter 7


Written by a Moody Pen

(& Often a Sarcastic Muse)



Chapter 7



How to Draw Attention – A Generous Sprinkle of “Nuts”


How to draw attention?

I’ll tell you how.

Just follow this lead,

And save later for now.


Tie your shoes to your head.

Sleep under your bed.

Eat your hat for lunch.

Walk to Switzerland for brunch.

Catch an’ kiss a pike.

Go barefoot on a hike.

Keep snails in your hair.

Fulfill any dare.

Guffaw when in tears.

Weep at a joke.

Bathe in beers.

And take an acid soak.


Do all this, and I quite assure

That people’s heads will turn.

But the longevity of your life? . . .

Can’t confidently confirm.


Written by a Moody Pen: WOLIWAIS . . . #5

Written by a Moody Pen: WOLIWAIS . . . #5

I need fantasy.
Because reality is often stranger…
and fantasy is the only thing I can count on that even comes close to helping me understand reality.

Written by a Moody Pen: WOLIWAIS . . . #3

Written by a Moody Pen: WOLIWAIS . . . #3

People change . . .
And people can be changed -
provided that they want to change . . .

But people don’t transform . . .
’cause then they wouldn’t be themselves . . . .

And they also don’t change back . . .
because then they’d be moving backwards instead of forward . . .

The Amazing Spider Man 2: Spider Soars, Villains Not So Much

The Amazing Spider Man 2 movie was absolutely fantastic when it came to visual effects, dialogue, screenplay and soundtrack! :D

However, the villains were a disappointment. You actually wind up feeling sorry for them and you regret their situations at the end. And frankly, Harry Osborne’s character was just utterly butchered. :( Any fan of the series/comics would know that there was a whole lot more to the character than that. I can easily say I found the first movie a whole lot better in those regards – as well as in those aspects that this movie succeeded in too. And as for the “no more secrets” part, that’s true. But it also felt kinda rushed.

But, I will also add that the visual appeal and acting is so good that you might even forgive the rest. And a heart-wrenching scene near the end will briefly put all the other flaws in the story out of your mind till its end.

Still, with how apt and good the first movie was, I kinda expected more the second time around. Hence it was a tad disappointing. But the movie still had a great many things in it that one wouldn’t want to miss! So it was also very much worth watching all the same. :)




Rio 2 Picks Off Exactly Where Rio Ended!

Watched ‘Rio 2′ with two great buddies, and it was a blast! Starting off at where the previous movie had ended – with Jewel and Blu’s family – the movie did take a few minutes to pick up the pace; but it did carry it forward well with wry comments and cringe-worthy humor. ;) And when it got to the good part, I think we spent a good portion of the entire movie laughing in surprised spurts!

Although it isn’t really necessary to understand the story, it is good if you’ve watched ‘Rio’ before – just so you know the characters better and can understand their relationships and personalities better!

Anyway, killed around two hours in happy, laughing bliss! :D ‘Rio’ fans in general will love this, but anyone who enjoys witty dialogues – and awesome 3D animation – will love this just as well. It’s a wonderful movie to watch with family and friends too. And of course, just like in the first movie, the songs, music and choreography in ‘Rio 2′ is gorgeous and sure to blow you away just as it did in ‘Rio’! Go watch it people!   :)