Glaring Impressions

Flash Fiction chapters: Could you maybe not glare at me like that here? While we're exploring a haunted house? Why not? I'm likely to think you've been possessed.


Could you maybe not glare at me like that here? While we’re exploring a haunted house?

Why not?

I’m likely to think you’ve been possessed.

Riverdale: The Old Gang [Archie Comics] Fits In Unexpectedly Well On-Screen

When I first saw the trailer for the show, the first two things that crossed my mind was, “The music’s really good…” and “I am not watching this!”

The latest crop of Archie Comics in the last couple of years left much to be desired in my book. And I didn’t enjoy their “realistic makeover” ones either (except the art being different and more detailed, I didn’t find the stories very realistic; and I missed the old style).

So I was sure the show, Riverdale, would only break my heart even more and leave me utterly dissatisfied with a comic series that I used to pour over when I was in school and had a hefty personal collection of.

However, come one weekend (this just-over weekend actually), where I was reunited with the TV set in our house after a loooong time (and thus, reluctant to surrender the remote), Riverdale showed up. And I figured that just checking out the first episode certainly couldn’t hurt…

And it didn’t hurt. Not one bit. In fact, it. Was. Amazing! I was so utterly and irrevocably hooked! And I fell in love with the characters all over again!

Now, obviously this TV series is much more adult and modernized (and far darker) than the comic book characters we grew up with. But the show still fits them all incredibly well.
In fact, I loved how they made these characters much more rounded. And if you’ve ever been inclined to look deeper into your old Archie comic characters, you’ve probably already realized that, personality-wise and psychologically speaking, these characters would have more or less been exactly how they’re portrayed on the show – had the comic series been more adult, modernized, and dark themselves, that is.

(Well, um, I hold this opinion for everyone I’ve seen so far on the show, except Ms. Grundy. ‘Cause that’s one transformation, portrayal, and angle I could have never seen coming for her character! o_o)

In any case, I’m happily hooked! 🙂

Riverdale - The gang - Casting Illustration

Comparing Differences

Flash Fiction Chapters - "Look, you do take Math -" "Math isn't supernatural!" "Could have fooled me." "..."


“Look, you do take Math -”
“Math isn’t supernatural!”
“Could have fooled me.”

Citing Examples

Flash Fiction Chapters - "I'm just saying that differences don't matter. We're a good example of that." "Oh my god, you really are comparing me to a supernatural creature!"


“I’m just saying that differences don’t matter. We’re a good example of that.”

“Oh my god, you really are comparing me to a supernatural creature!”

Writing out loud, in whispers, and in silence…WOLIWAIS…

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