I Can’t Really Draw. So I Started A Webcomic

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So here’s the deal: I can’t draw. And I hate that fact. Not because I have a long-cherished dream to be world-renowned in the art field somehow (tho that would undoubtedly be cool!), but because I aspire to be a storyteller; and I love the arts; and I know that the world is more visually-oriented today than it was before and I want to be able to cater to it. Because, well, I too love visual storytelling. And I love it just as much – if not a bit more – as I love sinking into a novel with nothing but black, typed words on a cream, off-white, or yellowed page.

But I can’t draw. And though I’ve tried to learn (and practiced, and have occasionally been able to produce more than a stick-figure), whatever I do manage to put down on paper is a far cry from the image in my head. Unfortunately though, I also do not have the required amount of patience, love, and obsession for it that I need in order to learn how to draw at the level I desire to.

However, I’m also not willing to completely let it go.

Hence was born the comic Nox Hoo – which stars a bunch of animal characters that I’m putting together. The characters are created digitally, using basic shapes and an obscene number of online references for anything from color and facial expressions to body parts and positions (because I’m just that clueless on how to draw anything that’s not a look-and-draw practice exercise 😛 ).

Consequently, updates on this webcomic will be slow, if not sluggish. For what might take a person who can draw mere minutes on paper, with fewer guides too, I take anywhere from a whole day to two on the computer. And that’s when I’m lucky enough not to be interrupted by something more urgent that I have to do (or interrupted by life in general).

I have given myself a goal of updating at least once in two weeks. But it’s more than likely that I’ll sometimes only update once in a month or more – at least in the beginning. I do hope that as I get more used to it, though, that I’ll get faster.

7579406bc26f9150400b6b5552ef00a4--drawing-step-easy-drawings-baby groot
Yup. That’s how many references I need when I try to draw something — one for practically every squiggle, shape, and angle.


However, this in no way means that Nox Hoo is a half-baked idea that might teeter off into the abyss the moment I lose interest in this exercise or when I no longer feel inadequate because of my lack of artistic skills. Sure, the story’s predominantly unhurried, light, and carefree. But I already have a backstory in my head for each of the characters I plan to include, and also a darn good idea of how I want the comic – and the characters – to progress for a good while.

After all, what I mainly aim to be is a storyteller. And the “art” is merely a tool to that end in my eyes. Plus, in my book, good storytellers do not casually decide to drop off the face of the earth before concluding the stories they start in some way.

And now, I think I’ll stop. (This was supposed to be a short post, for goodness’ sake!) If you’ve read thus far without running off though, I thank you. 🙂 (If not: Boo! You don’t know what you’re missing. 😛 )

In any case, I felt I should offer an explanation introduction as to how and why this blog / webcomic was started.

So there you go. 😀

Thanks for visiting & happy reading! 🙂

(Psst! You can check out the comic strip right here.)

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