About Me & WOLIWAIS Speech Bubbles!

Dear Visitor,

Apparently, this is where I’m supposed to tell you a little about my blog and about myself. So let me get right to it:

I love the changing leaves of autumn, stories I can sink into, sarcastic humor, rain showers, and gazing up at clear night skies. I’m part dreamer and part cynic. And I adore using pen names. Which is why, although my birth name’s Veena, you’ll know me on this blog as Raven Pegasus.

Professionally, I am a freelance content writer, copy editor, transcriptionist/transcriber, and online (English) language & soft skills trainer – And I’m loving every minute of it! So if you like what you read here and would like to hire me for a related service or project, drop me an email via writtenbyamoodypen@gmail.com or a message via Written By A Moody Pen on Facebook.

Unofficially, I am an observer, a storyteller, a crafter, a student, a teacher, an avid daydreamer, and an aspiring author. And “WOLIWAIS Speech Bubbles!” was started simply so I could explore, vent, practice, and generally indulge in everything that I love (at my own pace) as I write and muddle (and do) along.

I have other blogs here on WordPress that cater to more specific content. But as WOLIWAIS Speech Bubbles! was the very first blog I started seriously, any content I put up on my other blogs will probably either be in here or find its way in here – kind of like a random scattering of speech bubbles. 😉

[Regarding my other blogs,

If you’d like to check out or follow my poetry posts exclusively, please go to https://writtenbyamoodypenhaiku.wordpress.com/.

If you’d like to check out or follow my posts on English language tips and tricks exclusively, please go to https://writtenbyamoodypenenglishlanguagetraining.wordpress.com/.

If you’d like to check out or follow my posts about movies and TV shows exclusively, please go to https://writtenbyamoodypenwatchingtv.wordpress.com/.

If you’d like to check out or follow an amateur webcomic series I am (very slowly) working on, then please go to https://writtenbyamoodypencomicsnoxandfriendscomics.wordpress.com/.]

Happy reading & thanks for visiting!

Raven Pegasus @ Written By A Moody Pen

Storyteller & Wordsmith
Written By A Moody Pen: Storyteller & Wordsmith

2 thoughts on “About Me & WOLIWAIS Speech Bubbles!”

  1. Read most of your work.So far, i love it.im able to connect with it.. You are a gifted writer..and your language is fabulous.Looking forward to reading more fabulous work. 🙂 =)

    Liked by 1 person

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