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Miniature Snowman – A DIY Christmas Gift

As a child, there was no real-life influence whatsoever that might have triggered my fascination for Christmas. (I’ve never even lived in a place where I’ve actually seen snow.) And to be honest, I didn’t even know what the holiday really meant at the time, other than that there was a magical sleigh pulled by flying reindeer and directed by a plump, jolly-looking man with an obvious favoritism towards red and with a hobby for handing out presents during that particular time of the year.

We aren’t Christians, so the only source of information I had of that holiday was the many Christmas cartoons that were aired at the time. And I loved them! So in turn, I also wound up loving the holiday.

Now, since all the other festivals I was exposed to were mostly handled by my parents and the other adults in my family at the time, I wound up loving the Christmas tradition of giving gifts even more – that being the one thing I could take care of on my own – And so started my little tradition of giving Christmas gifts (for which I had willing participants among my various cousins, nieces, nephews, and siblings). Wherever I was at the time, and whoever I could reach, I would make Christmas presents for. And both my siblings and I loved every moment of it.

That tradition began when I was around eight, and I find myself unwilling to give it up even now. So, even though we’ve all grown up now and are more or less past the stage where we’re excited to have a tradition all to ourselves (and are practically busy almost all the time as is wont to happen now that we navigate the “adult” world ourselves), I still find myself trying to do something for Christmas day; to still buy or make some small Christmas gift for my siblings who are within reach at the time.

Thus, in that same (maybe childish) spirit, I quickly put together this little gift for the Christmas of 2014: A miniature snowman.

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It’s incredibly easy to make and can also double as cute little Christmas decorations. (One is still residing on our mantle at home.) And the best part is that you will probably find everything you need to make this at home already.

What you will need:

3 balls of rolled cotton

1 toothpick

A paintbrush with thin bristles (you know the kind of paintbrush you would use for outlines and tiny details)

Black nail polish or black poster paint

Orange craft/chart paper (you’ll need a very tiny portion of this)

Black craft/chart paper (you’ll need a very tiny portion of this)

Glue (I used Fevicol glue; use any pasty, thick kind of craft glue)

A pair of scissors


Take one of the balls of cotton and carefully unroll it. Then carefully wrap this unrolled strip of cotton around one of the other cotton balls. Secure the end with a drop or two of glue at the end of he strip. Now you have one cotton ball that is bigger than the other. The bigger cotton ball will be the base. And the smaller one will be the head.

Take the smaller cotton ball and, with a drop or two of glue at its base, stick it onto the larger cotton ball that you’ve just made.

Use the paint brush and black nail paint / poster paint (I used nail paint because I’d run out of poster paint and because nail paint dries faster) to carefully dab on two eyes and a mouth on the “head” part of your snowman. Don’t make the mistake of trying to “draw on” the eyes and mouth by dragging the paint onto the cotton – That definitely won’t work! You have to carefully “dab” on the black paint in dots to get what you want. Now, cotton strands might attach to the bristles and come out. But don’t try to pull those fibers out. Instead, just finish off adding the eyes and mouth, and then simply snip off the floating black fibers with a pair of scissors.

Cut out a tiny triangle from the orange sheet of paper and roll it into a tube. Secure the end with glue. One end of this tube will be flat, and the other will have a point. Dab glue onto the “flat” end of the tube and them push it into the head to make the nose of the snowman.

To make the hat, cut out a small square (bigger than the orange triangle) from the black sheet of paper. Roll this into a cylinder and secure the end with glue. Now cut two more squares from the black paper – one square bigger than the other. Dab a tit of glue on the smaller square and stick it on to one end of the black cylinder. Dab a bit of glue on the bigger square and stick it on to the other end of the cylinder. (This end of the cylinder with the bigger square will be base of the hat.) Now dab some glue on the other side of the bigger square and stick on the hat to the top of the snowman’s head.

Finally, take a toothpick and cut it cleanly in half with the pair of scissors. Dab a dollop of glue at one end of each of these halves and stick it on to either side of the cotton snowman to give it arms. And voila! You’re done!


Merry Christmas! 🙂