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Excerpt #3 – Ominous Ride

Maybe October and the whole Halloween connection influenced the mood of this excerpt. But then again, I ain’t exactly writing about butterflies and honeysuckle in this story. 😛

I’ve actually made very, very slow progress this month. Because, at first, I just blanked out and couldn’t figure out how to move forward in the story without jumping entire chapters altogether. And then I got so busy that I didn’t even have time to just double-click on the document and stare at it for a while in the hopes of being clobbered by inspiration if I stared at it hard enough. *Sigh!*

On the other hand, I have written more than two chapters now. So while I still have a loooong way to go, at least I’m not at a stand-still again. (And maybe being proud of completing two chaps is pathetic(?) — I don’t know — but I’m still proud of it anyway. So yay!) 🙂


Well, that’s all I really have to rant about this time. I’ve just been busy with completing actual paying projects and a number of other do-or-die (sort of) commitments recently. But hopefully this month will see more progress.

Anyways. Down to the excerpt:


#Story / #Novel #Excerpt. @WOLIWAIS. "...The ride there had been jerky and uncomfortable with plenty of ominous silences and subverted, threatening remarks from the guards. And the looming stone castle they'd finally stopped in front of had been more intimidating than stone walls had any right to be..."



Anantya Tantrist: Cult of Chaos – Book Review

The Gist of It: A cool, well-researched read with a bad-ass protagonist and other characters you’ll be glad to see again in a sequel.

Anantya Tantrist - Book Cover - Anantya Tantrist by Shweta Taneja. A cool, well-researched read with a bad-ass protagonist and other characters you’ll be glad to see again in a sequel. Written By A Moody Pen. WOLIWAIS. Cult of Chaos Book Review.

Now, truthfully, I don’t enjoy gory descriptions. Or horror. And I was particularly happy I finished reading well before midnight, as my own imagination can make the tamest of horror stories and moments into heart-attack inducing visions of fright at night.

But this book was marvelously researched and I loved Anantya and the other characters introduced in this book. And I was pretty upset when one of them (Spoiler Alert!) died, and brutally too — And that was after he had a pretty minor amount of page-time devoted to him, so I was surprised myself by how much his death hurt. 😦

But, there are certainly plenty of other characters in the book (who survived) that I would enjoy seeing in a sequel.

In short, if you’re someone who’d like a story with ancient Indian magic and supernatural beings in a wonderfully contemporary setting, a pretty gory mystery, and a pretty bad-ass and resourceful protagonist, then you’ll probably enjoy this book. 🙂




This book review was first published here on Written By A Moody Pen Channel Surfing.