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"I don't want you here." "Yes. You do." "No, I don't." "Yes, you do. Or you wouldn't have given me a key." Flash Fiction. Written By A Moody Pen. Raven Pegasus


“I don’t want you here.”

“Yes. You do.”

“No, I don’t.”

“Yes, you do. Or you wouldn’t have given me a key.”



"Don't touch me," he said, leaning against his side. "OK," he agreed, balancing against his weight. Flash Fiction. Written By A Moody Pen. Raven Pegasus.



“Don’t touch me,” he said, leaning against his side.

“OK,” he agreed, balancing against his weight.


The Happiness Load – When You Decide to Transfer It

Making another person responsible for your happiness is the most selfish, weak-minded, irresponsible thing you could do. It transfers the responsibility you own over your own happiness. It sets up a likely scapegoat to blame when things go wrong and you feel miserable. It makes you believe it’s OK to not take responsibility for your own actions and decisions.

In a nutshell, you dump the charge of your happiness on another person’s shoulders in spite of your inner soul knowing that happiness is fleeting and occurs in moments…and that nothing you or anyone does will make happiness a constant state of being.

Even worse, your happiness will never be yours because you have done nothing to earn it or cause it. You might even forget what makes you happy or content or euphoric in the first place.

All because you thought that someone else was responsible for your happiness.

Grow up. The world’s full of landmines and all sorts of occupational hazards (the occupation? Living). Don’t expect someone else to always carry you across them. They’re no better than you at navigating life, in all honesty. And those landmines are rather tricky, even without an extra load to carry.

Making another person responsible for your happiness is the most selfish, weak-minded, irresponsible thing you could do. It transfers the responsibility you own over your own happiness.

Musings after a Peek at the First Teaser Trailer of “Captain America: Civil War” #CaptainAmericaCivilWar

I was looking forward to this. But I’m honestly surprised by what this trailer implies. If anything, Iron Man is known for not liking anyone trying to control him or trying to hold authority over what he does. The fact that he’s on the opposite side of this “civil war” at all when Steve Rogers is going against his own belief in authority is frankly baffling (tho I do understand after “The Winter Soldier” why Captain America would see things differently). Not to mention that, considering Tony Stark’s defense of The Hulk (who is also supposed to be a national enemy, by the way; just that no one has a clue how to stop him), one would think it would be completely easy for Stark to understand why Steve Rogers would defend his friend. And let’s not forget the fact that Bucky Barnes was also a war hero that had been brainwashed, tortured, and forced into an amnesiac state of robotic, subservient living for close to a century – which in itself should have gotten Tony’s sympathy considering his own experience with torture and Bruce Banner’s own initial state of not having any control over his actions when he became The Hulk.

I can even understand what Tony Stark’s saying in the trailer about them (the Avengers) needing “limits”, in a sense. It isn’t about them needing the supervision, but about the regular people they protect needing the security of knowing they have some way of regulating them. And though that looks very contradictory to Stark’s usual attitude of “I do what I want”, it’s actually right in line with his protective streak. He wanted to build an armor around the world, for crying out loud! And while that might have been overkill, considering that he almost died out in space due to an alien invasion, and that his greatest fear is him failing to protect everyone, it’s easy to see that his intentions are in the right place (even if he possibly, very badly needs therapy for PTSD to tone that down to a healthier level).

So no, accepting that they do need limits (so that other people don’t have to be terrified that they might one day turn around and decide to shift from “protector” to “ruler”) is not, in my opinion, so very off Iron Man’s personality. That’s a development or change that has a base. No: The only thing I have a definite problem with is that the trailer seems to indicate destroying or capturing The Winter Soldier for his past crimes as the core reason for this war. And that’s what is so off course.

Additionally, all of them surrendering completely to another authority to be under their supervision is daft. Because “Iron Man 2”, “Avengers”, “Captain America: The Winter Soldier”, and “Avengers: Age of Ultron” all had major themes around the dangers of exactly such a thing happening! So at which point in all that does Tony Stark actually come to the conclusion that submitting to an “official” authority and accepting to be under their command is the right way to go?

So unless this trailer is actually being deliberately misleading, then I sincerely hope the ones working on this movie keep the personalities of the characters they’ve established so far constantly in mind. Developments (good or bad) and changes in traits and aspects of a personality is one thing. Doing something in direct contrast to what a person’s most basic behavioral foundation stands for, however, is very much another.


(On another tangent, if what’s actually going to happen is that Tony Stark and Steve Rogers are playing a double game to get at the heart of a deeper plot, but need to seem on opposite sides in order to throw off or delay the real people after The Winter Soldier and Captain America – or something else along those lines – then that would be so, so freakin’ cool! 😀 )



First teaser trailer for Captain America: Civil War


Written By A Moody Pen: WOLIWAIS . . . HAIKU #33

Haiku number 33 - Depression Erratic Emotions

“Empty, erratic emotions
Take over with no warning or reason…
So don’t simplify depression.”